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Because we all have better things to do.....

be at HOME...                                     be comfortable

be at HOME... be comfortable

Yes, it's different. The name gives that away! So, if you need something different, then Feldenkrais can be that for you.

I am Alastair Love, a Feldenkrais Practitioner(2004), with a physiotherapy background (1982).

I consult at Kensington in Adelaide and in Kadina and offer classes and workshops in several metropolitan locations and by arrangement in regional locations.

When what you have been doing doesn't help you enough, learning to move differently bypasses the difficulty and gains abilities. "There is no limit to the improvement of movement." (Moshe Feldenkrais

I offer telephone conversation to clarify good fit between this work and you; initial consultations, follow up 1:1 work, classes and workshops to give you the best chance to get the changes you want. (Because Feldenkrais is often the last resort, I understand that you are telling your story yet another time and that it is important that you have clear hopes and feel understood for good fit and progress.)

My special interests are

  • helping you to tap into your vast and probably unrecognised potential for learning new patterns of movement

  • helping you learn to shift from patterns of chronic difficulty to easy and adjustable ways

  • helping you move around your arthritis by using brainier approaches to moving, using your whole system to move towards your aim and avoid overloading just a few parts ; that will help you postpone surgery, prepare better for surgery, rehabilitate more comprehensively

  • helping you recover better from injury; unravelling the protecting, favouring and guarding, eg. so that you hobble and limp less: and walk, run, etc with enthusiasm.

  • helping you learn how to shift from chronic pain to chronic comfort, and what it takes to sustain and restore your ideal performance zone.

  • helping you perform on the sports field, in the office, home or garden, by pursuing your hobbies with flow and ease; by reducing pain, tension and stiffness that choke your thinking and doing.

  • learning to face gravity with grace and ease; you can learn to bend, twist, turn and arch with the power and agility of long lost or never before confidence and avoid giving in to feeling ancient, before you're old enough, and develop the confidence and skill to move to and from the floor, and face that fear without conflict.

  • helping you restore confidence and balance when you've been limited by fear of injury, pain or falling. The job is to restore you to independence and the ability to explore new paths instead of being stuck in ruts.

  • I help you learn with brainy approaches to habits and skills to move your most natural way, so that your future is less predicted by your past and more by your interests and the pursuit of your hopes and dreams.

  • I like to help you get clarity asap into whether this work is for you, or who would be a better fit for you to work with. Yes, it's is not for everybody. Nothing is. If you are weighed down by your particular diagnosis and believe that the medical way of looking at things is the ONLY way, then this is probably not for you.

  • I work with other professionals to enhance your movement and ease and promote comprehensive recovery. Eg with podiatrists to bring about the whole body upstairs movement that fits with the downstairs foot movement that a podiatrist promotes through you feet to support all of you better.

So, if you are curious to know if this is for you, get in touch and we can take the first few steps, for a conversation phone 0419 814 317, or to arrange something else


Why Feldenkrais?...    my version

Why Feldenkrais?... my version