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Why Feldenkrais?...    my version

Why Feldenkrais?... my version

When I was a teenager, I was frustrated and confused by injuries and surgery which did not recover with natural healing and professional support, as i was told they would. This led me to career in physiotherapy. To begin with I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and using strategies that I had studied. Many worked.

I fully expected Feldenkrais to be a big waste of time. The opposite was my experience. Effective, yes. Comprehensive, yes. Curious, Intriguing, Yes. Confronting, yes; because i achieved more in a few minutes of gentle work on my brains movement programming, than I had in 10 years of hard athletic training.

I had used the working hard way is the only way approach or the "No Pain, No Gain!!" approach as I had been schooled and brought up to do. I was dumbstruck when I got more benefit with Feldenkrais. Walking taller and running fluidly happened immediately, without having to think hard about them. That was enough for me, but it wasn't til 2001 that I was able to finally train, finishing in 2004.

Around that time I was diagnosed with severe arthritis of my hip, a combination of birth defect and the collisions in and through the rigours of life. I remember the totally sinking feeling when I saw X-rays of my not so good hip, with the obvious signs to me of severe arthritis. The X-ray showed me how I had lived with a "lemon" since birth and it was totally worn out. Sports injuries, bicycle/car collisions and surgeries all added up to limitations. 

I was strongly recommended immediate joint replacement surgery. which I postponed nine years by practising what I was learning, Feldenkrais. Mostly I found mine and other physiotherapist's knowledge and practices limited, and often results in more painful rather than being helpful. Feldenkrais made ongoing big differences, I was able to learn how to use all of me more effectively which meant I could learn Aikido. I learnt how to roll and land whilst learning this athletic & flowing martial art. I was learning how to find harmony inside whilst feeling how to find harmony with others on the outside. 

Even my surgeon noticed that I was improving when the exact opposite was expected, and was amazed at the differences that she thought were not possible. 

The learning I found through Feldenkrais Methods helped deal with the extreme restriction of my  hip, and they became invaluable in my rehabilitation after my hip replacement (2010). I now enjoy fitness and vitality and free from chronic pain again.

I love sharing the skills i found helpful to address injury, arthritis, pain and surgery, (preparation and rehabilitation), and to improve abilities. I like helping people avoid a life of frustration and disappointment. Ordinary can be turned to personal best and beyond.

Gardeners, musicians, cyclists, athletes and people who just want to perform better, are finding that Feldenkrais Practices help them get the best out of themselves and move them towards their ideal performance.

And the same ease can be developed by those who wish to be comfortably independent, agile at home, balanced and poised in life and the world, basically living life with vitality and confidence.

be at HOME...                                     be comfortable

be at HOME... be comfortable

Moving Health

Moving Health