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Walking, Running, and more

Walking, Running, and more

Walking takes about a year to learn, running well takes years longer. 

Sometimes it helps to revise and update the programs that make those patterns more or less automatic. People often train for years to improve them through fitness and hard work or striving.

There are other ways to improve, often effortlessly.

In the first place, we all do it on our own and without instruction. So the building blocks programming varies too, maybe a little, but in some cases a lot. We hear that you have to crawl before you walk, walk before you run. But there are people who get to doing those things that skip some of those stages. For example they don't crawl. This can lead to a lower ability to shift weight from one hip and leg to the other. Sometimes revising that crawling and shifting can be like putting in some piece of missing code, and everything hums.

We have a largely sitting lifestyle, that for a number of reasons is getting bad press, both justified and not. one of the activities that happens little as a consequence, is getting up ad  down off the ground. Later tin life this leads to a fear of the ground and of falling.      ////////////            ail ends high into the air, in readiness for detaching 1interest, to walk we have to learn to get our tail end, pelvic, centre high off the ground


how to organise oneself enough to get ones weight high up off the ground, free the hands and have the head high for looking around and listening for interest and danger. Pretty complicated for one year, heh?

The building blocks are the movement sequences in my logo. If bits are unclear, locked or guarded, bits of the programme for walking need to be updated. Just walking keeps practicing the missing bits.

So its is for. running. And maybe everything else in principal.

When this is acknowledged and your program adjusted accordingly, you will make quicker gains.


We will have more to say as time goes on, Your questions and interests will shape this site. It's meant as a conversation as far as possible, not a pamphlet or flier. I welcome you interests......

Limping, Hobbling, Favouring or not

Limping, Hobbling, Favouring or not

Knees Up!

Knees Up!