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Hips and Knees (old Pages)

Hips and Knees (old Pages)



Hip joint difficulty can be confusing for people because there are many causes and many diagnoses made – believe me I’ve been there!

Because it is a large ball and socket joint, it is involved in movement in every direction. Many of the biggest muscles in the body produce movement through it and give us to the power in what we do.

That power produced needs the steering and directing through the deeper little muscles. All this action is coordinated with the muscles of he pelvic floor, the muscles of the core, abdomen, the diaphragm and the back. Well…pretty much everything! Inco-ordination and mis-timing result in ongoing wear and tear….

Besides the local muscles, how hard you hold your belly and chest and how you breathe, have a significant effect on quality of hip movement; or straining, stiffness and awkwardness.

Any glitches in how all these components combine to produce movement, reduces power and the fluid transmission of power from your legs to the rest of your body, and vice versa.

When the hip is organised to work in harmony with the ankle, the vertebrae and the ribs and the balance function of the neck and eyes, there is pleasurable easy movement. Power and effortless action in effortless running, walking, dancing, golfing, tennis, throwing, lifting and so on.

As your foot and ankle adjust to the ground, your hip has to be organised to produce the drive in just the right direction; but with a mismatch the effort just goes into the hip itself or overloads the adjacent muscles and tissues and aggravates pain and inflammation.

Excessive muscle action shortens your system, increases friction and decreases leveraging power; you’ll have guarding, favouring and limping. With repeated effort this causes wear and tear, seen as arthritis on many X-rays, after years of miscoordination.

Recognising and redistributing effort can and does restore flow, ease and power; so that a painful limp can almost magically disappear, in a shorter time then you think. It’s a case of work smarter not harder.




Knee Pain Is A Very Common Sort Of Pain.

Catching, guarding, giving way, aching, paining, stiffness, inflammation, arthritis, weakness and worry, limping and hobbling, delayed and incomplete rehabilitation?

It’s a hinge joint that has to coordinate with the rest of us doing all the twisting and turning we do. Even walking in a straight line involves twisting and turning in the neck, between the shoulders and hips, in the hips and in the feet as they adjust over the ground. So the knee has to bend and straighten like a hinge, whilst almost everything else is twisting and turning.

When the timing is just right, there is no trouble, just power and propulsion.

And you can have all the strength in the world, but if the sequencing is out there is just trouble…… It seems that is the case, irrespective of what bit of the knee is damaged.

Have you noticed that when you concentrate on the place where there is trouble and pain, in the knee, that no matter how hard you think about it, the trouble doesn’t change much?

So you work even harder and only get better at protecting, guarding and ………things stay much the same.

But when you reorganise all the parts that connect to the knee, you can have more effect! Most people overlook that it’s the hip and buttock muscles that largely steer the knee. So when the muscles of the hip and pelvis are better organised with the knee, things go better. And when the ankle, knee and hip all get along, it’s even better.

Because the leverage being much greater, a smooth well sequenced action of the opposite shoulder, arm and ribs, can support the knee far more reliably than relying on weak, pained and guarded knee muscles. This involves using the laws of movement that allow for easy, effortless and effective retraining of movements by recognising mistakes in movement programming.Tension is removed.

And when your whole system and these patterns of movement flow, then you can have trouble free function and balance.

Strengthening these good patterns is easier!

You will rehabilitate more confidently, prepare better for surgery, and avoid or postpone it.

Then your knees will neither burden you, or you burden them!

Through the use of the Feldenkrais Methods, we can assist you with your knee pain, from knee pain recoveryand rehabilitation, injury management or disorders that may be causing the knee pain.

Walking, Running, and more

Walking, Running, and more