Sometimes it feels like we live beyond the black stump, so getting the help you need can be challenging. Providing Physiotherapy in Kadina and regionally, Country Life Physiotherapy helps country people  find the innovative and inventive approaches they need  and develop paths to solutions for their movement problems, particularly when they have been told that nothing more can be done. The job is to team together to find a solution that might otherwise not exist.

Alastair Love has been providing Country Life Physiotherapy since providing services in Whyalla as the Chief Physiotherapist in 1989, then in Balaklava and Maitland, till focussing more on Kadina and surrounds since 1998. What that experience taught was that what metropolitan people took for granted often had to be invented or an equivalent made up.  

In the end country people value solutions that work. No matter what the diagnosis of the problem is, or often there may be no particular and accurate diagnosis; it boils down to that people just want to be able to do the basics of life, chores, hobbies and interests with confidence and ease. This means moving well, moving better, and bypassing problems by using the whole movement system as a team and not just as isolated parts that wear out with inaccurate excessive loading.

Alastair Love had to face these issues as a Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, who had to face postponing surgery for a better time, when there was severe arthritis that certainly justified immediate surgery.

Now Country Life Physiotherapy principles learnt from study and experience help others do similar, and to prepare and rehabilitate from surgery better and avoid being stuck with detrimental long term habits and guarding that threaten independence.Restoring the ability to improve with age, including being able to live a comfortable old age is a key aim. (It's interesting to see how many people use walking aids unhelpfully that with a little information could make life so much easier.)

When we get those things right and in good balance, life is sweet, simple and worth savouring.