To Start or Not To Start?


Are you thinking about doing something different? 

Perhaps Feldenkrais; but don’t know where to start?


It’s a different process, different outcome. 


Do you want to move better; sit, stand, walk, run etc comfortably and easily? Release tension, pain, stuckness and immobility, develop the ability to move with flow again?




1. Have you been told that nothing else can be done?

People come to Feldenkrais because they have run out of options; many have been told “Nothing more can be done, you just have to live with it.” 

Feldenkrais is an excellent way to learn how to ‘LIVE!’ again, rather than putting up with things as they are forever, by tuning in to how you move and how that can change?

2. How big is your challenge? Impossible?

If it is very limiting to you, then it may be worth trying a different approach. 
Feldenkrais is about making the ‘impossible, possible,; the possible, easy and the easy graceful. Ie it’s good for pain,a and for performance gains.
However, if your problem is small, the higher resources involved may not seem worth applying for problems that can be solved other ways in time and $. You don’t call the car engineer when you have a flat battery; but for complex issues you might. 



3. Do you need to learn to change or do you want someone to fix you?

We are in the business of empowering, bringing out your best; so if you are looking for a different outcome, are willing to do some things differently and are open to being coached to try out new ans unfamiliar approaches to movement for yourself, you are in the right place. Feldenkrais is a movement learning experience, whether in classes or one on one. This is not a method where you are painfully pushed and pulled around. “Fixing” you in those ways are other approaches, probably you’ve tried them. Nothing will be asked of you that is beyond your capacity

The aim of the Feldenkrais Processes is to tap into the wealth of your untapped potential.  So if you want things to turn out differently, and you are open to being guided and supported with highly skilled and gentle hands and accurate movement processes that tap into the brains power for learning and updating, then feldenkrais is a likely good next step.

4. Are you willing to tell your story again and approach the problem as freshly as you can?

When you have unresolving issues, you have  told the story of your problem many times. It can feel hopeless and defeating. I get that. Perhaps you need to know that the person who is trying to help you understands that and that the approach is different and fresh enough to have a chance of opening something up?

5. Is now a good time to invest in addressing your issue more?

Learning to move differently takes time, space and attention. There is an emotional investment. And it usually costs financially.

You can benefit from classes etc or one on one experience. Mostly classes are cheaper and take longer to get your desired benefit. But for many they are an ideal practice to move better. 
One on one experience begins with an initial consultation to determine if you, your challenge, and this method are a good fit. Or else you will be suggested options with others.

If you have answered YES to these questions for yourself, then get in touch to arrange an initial consultation and save your self a future of increasing limitation. You’ll get more benefit than just giving up pain…………