reclaim the potential you were born with;

  1. restore your Moving Health & “Walk!” of Life,

  2. move into your Best Creative, Painfree Performance

  3. step into Easy, Comfortable Balance & Confident Coordination


Need to do something different to get benefit?

Feldenkrais is a different way to go about getting out of stuck. (Different Name, Different process, Different results.)


It’s brainier ways of moving to change, instead of staying stuck & going round in circles


to move better;

sit, stand, walk, run…..

comfortably and easily

by regaining the ability to release tension, pain, stuckness & immobility.

Develop the ability to move with ease & flow again…

When you learn options to move out of patterns of pain and guarding that have become unwelcome habits, life improves. Moving as you need is life giving, without moving there is no life, and by improving movement you improve life. Move better, live better.




1. Have you been told that nothing else can be done?

People come to Feldenkrais because they have run out of options; many have been told

“Nothing more can be done, you just have to live with it!!!” 

Feldenkrais is an excellent way to learn how to ‘LIVE!’ again, instead of now becoming forever, by tuning in to moving and how that changes in ways that last and grow.

2. How big is your challenge? Impossible?

If your moving is very limiting to you, then it’s worth trying a different approach, and taking the time to reclaim better ways. 

Feldenkrais Methods makes the ‘impossible, possible; the possible, easy and the easy, graceful. 

One step at a time.

It’s good for paining less and for performance gaining. You’ve probably tried several ways already, so we know that it takes courage to turn up and tell your story yet again…

If you had the same problem with your car and had to keep calling out the car roadside service to deal with it, at some point you’ll need somebody with a different qualification to take a look ….

3. Do you need to learn to change or do you want someone to fix you?

There are many of us who’s business is helping bringing out your best.

Are you willing to do something different and are you open to trying out less fashionable approaches to moving better?

In Feldenkrais you are not painfully pushed and pulled around. “Fixing” you in those ways are other’s approaches.

Nothing will be asked of you that is beyond your capacity

You have a marvellous brain, and using its ability for moving and learning moving a little differently, bit by bit, is a powerful key to unlocking your potential and avoiding ongoing frustration. Perhaps more than you can imagine?

The aim of the Feldenkrais Sessions and classes is to tap into the wealth of your potential.  Even the latest Neuroscientists who talk brain and neuroplasticity processes know that Feldenkrais was way a head of his time. (More than half a century.) Feldenkrais guides and supports you with highly skilled hands and moving processes (exercising without straining), that tap into your brains power for learning and updating.

Feldenkrais is a good next step for any age or ability where moving better would be better.

4. Are you willing to tell your story again and approach the problem as freshly as you can?

When you have unresolving issues, you have probably told the story of your problem many times. On average the people who come to me have consulted 8 professionals about their problem.

It can feel hopeless and defeating. I get that.

Perhaps it helps to know that the person who is trying to help you (that’s me!), understands that and that the approach needs to be different and fresh enough to have a chance of opening something easier up and new paths for progress? (And chances are I’ve lived part of my life with related limitations, and had to learn how to move out of them too. Not so easy to work out on your own! Yes, I get that!)

5. Is now a good time to invest in addressing your issue more?

Learning to move differently takes time, space and attention. There is an emotional investment, likely you’ve tried a number of other ways before getting to Feldenkrais. It also costs financially, whether classes, workshops, individual sessions or learning materials.

Each of us has to consider whether we have the resources to do the work, and sustain enough of a shift to make meaningful progress. This can be especially challenging when your history of trying has already been expensive and partially successful at best; even sadly for some, depressing.

I offer an initial consultation to figure out with you whether now and this method are a good or not so good a fit….